EAT THE BEAT is the newly founded gastronomy unit of the SSC Music Group.

Its main focus will be placed on cultural gastronomy. The aim is to operate contemporary and modern gastronomy – both stationary, as well as mobile.

The SSC Music Group executes and has executed not only its own catering in off-locations (i.e. for events of the Düsseldorf Tonhalle and various festivals), but has also been largely successful with newly developed formats. Accordingly, SSC has celebrated great success stories with events such as “Coffy geht Gassi” at the terraces of the Tonhalle and established scene hotspots for a modern and hip audience.

Since April 2017 eat the beat GmbH has taken over the catering of the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, under the name PONG – Popkultur & Gastro. The museum takes up relevant, contemporary topics and issues in group and solo exhibitions, festivals, symposiums, workshops, fairs, film screenings and other events and successfully creates high-energy and innovative formats.

Together with the NRW-Forum, we create a unique mixture of down-to-earth hotspot gastronomy and modern pop culture that is unprecedented in Düsseldorf. For this purpose, regional cuisine, lounge atmosphere and DJ evenings will be joined together.

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